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Blog | May 19, 2021

Our Work: "Hello World! It's CCPO."

What is a CCPO you ask?

CCPO is the Cloud Computing Program Office, a nimble team in the Defense Information System Agency (DISA), the DoD’s Combat Support Agency for enterprise information technology. Our team includes empowered civilian, military, and contract talent who are focused on transforming the way the DoD uses cloud to support its missions. We work as integrated product teams to create enduring solutions to address the Warfighter’s most critical challenges.

“Everyone in CCPO is unique, quirky and exceptional. Together, we accomplish feats that have never been done before in DoD, like creating the largest Microsoft Teams deployment in the world in under 30 days.” 
-Sharon Woods, Executive Director

Got Mission? 

Why yes we do! Our mission is to deliver rapid and secure cloud capabilities to drive enterprise mission success. The team was created during the effort to bring the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, AKA, THE JEDI, AKA, THE CLOUD, to the DoD on an enterprise scale. Keeping with that mission, we work to bring a range of cloud based products that will move the DoD to the forefront of tech relevance and implementation. More importantly, these reliable, scalable, and malleable products (say that three times really fast) are consistently updated to align with rapid changes in technology. With the mission driving us, we aim to rapidly deliver cloud capabilities to the Warfighter from the home front to the tactical edge.

“The CCPO allows me to directly help the warfighter and affect change for good across the DoD. I'm trusted to make decisions that have wide-ranging impact while executing the intent of the senior IT leaders of the DoD.”
-LTC Pete Godbey, CCPO Army User Engagement

How do we say Cloud?

So many ways. CCPO has an entire portfolio of projects focused on bringing cloud to the Department. Our initiatives go through a strategic vetting process to ensure that they will result in enduring, user-driven solutions. From establishing identity standards for the entire DoD, to creating baseline templates for cloud architecture, we continue to introduce and inculcate the best modern technology practice to the DoD, so that it can fulfill it’s missions.

We have so much work to do and together, with other tech forward teams across the DoD and beyond, we can meet our mission! But first, we have to put on our CLOAK!  Check back for our next Our Work blog post to learn what happens when we put it on!